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“At 11, I witnessed my grandfather being taken for ransom by an insurgent group in Damascus, but I was grateful we got him back alive.   

At 12, I lost the place I once called home, Aleppo, and became an immigrant, but I felt lucky we were allowed in another country.   

At 13, I learned that the Syrian rebels stole my father's factory, but I was thankful my father made it out alive.   

At 15, I slowly found my way back to a "normal life" where my parents had jobs to support us again.  

After turning 17, I was hospitalized with a mystery diagnosis, lost the ability to walk, but I knew I stood a chance to fight.   

At 18, I was forced into taking a medical gap year, but I was thrilled to experience education beyond the four walls of a classroom and became obsessed with Sleep.  

At 20, not only am I grateful for my experiences, but it led me to start End No Sleep - a nonprofit fighting for Sleep equity. I also got accepted to Columbia University - a school I could only dream of attending one day. 

At 22,  even tho I’m still navigating this new path, I’m excited for what’s to come.” 


 Award-Winning Entrepreneur, an Ivy-Leaguer, a Sleep Activist, and a One Young World Ambassador. 

At 18, Nancy founded an international enterprise named End No Sleep. Through her work at the nonprofit, she won the Global Women Entrepreneur Award. Nancy still runs End No Sleep, which is now established in 5 different countries and has many celebrity ambassadors supporting the organization, such as Keri Seavy. The organization hundreds of youth volunteers/ambassadors around the globe. 


Moreover, Nancy’s inspiring story as a war survivor helped her begin her speaking career. She has spoken at many world-renowned universities and companies, including the American University of Cairo Business School, the American Red Cross, and The World Youth Forum. Nancy speaks about sleep, the power of believing in yourself, how to cope while facing adversity, and all topics regarding Gen Z. She has also been on numerous podcasts, such as Just Get Started on Iheart Radio and Get Connected on apple podcast. 




 Nonprofit Executive

Founded in 2019, End No Sleep, Inc. is a youth-led (501)(c)(3) reclaiming sleep as a necessity, not a luxury. Nancy currently serves as the Founder & CEO and is committed to providing sleep resources to vulnerable communities through education, awareness, and direct service.

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Nancy is able to speak on her personal journey as a social entrepreneur, nonprofit executive, Syrian-American, and sleep activist. To book Nancy, contact her using the form below!


Sleep Activist 

As a sleep activist Nancy actively fights for sleep equity. Her goal is for sleep to no longer be a luxury but a necessity everyone has access to comfortably. Nancy is an advocate for the SDGs, specifically good health and well being. 




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